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Rich Walinsky

Hi, I'm Rich Walinsky. I help match people with the perfect business to own!

Rich Walinsky's Bio:

Rich Walinsky is president of Franchise Traders, Inc., a company he formed in 2009.  The company mission is to help find, educate and provide support for those interested in starting their own franchise or small business.  There is very little regulation in the franchise industry, and many people have fallen prey to poor franchises, and Rich hopes to eliminate these practices, as much as possible.  He works hard to publish articles about proper practices about franchising.  He continues to be a valued source for help in the franchise community. In addition to helping consumers interested in finding franchise/business opportunities, Rich Walinsky has spent the past 5+ years specializing in lead generation, helping many franchises and franchise consultants get matched-up with ideal candidates for various opportunities.  Helping match good franchises with good franchise prospects is at the center of what Rich Walinsky hopes to do.  He has even started his own website, Franchise Buzz, to continue these efforts. In 2010, Rich Walinsky was selected as the "Broker of the Year" from a franchise broker network for his hard work and accomplishments.  Rich hopes to continue his work in 2015 and find additional projects to help improve the franchise sector as a whole. Rich Walinsky is a devoted husband and father of two boys.  As much as he enjoys his work, it is his family time that he most enjoys.  He is thankful for what he has and hopes to help others as much as possible.

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Health & Fitness, Running, Sports, Coaching, Small Business, Alternative Financing

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